Daily Routine

The preschool class follows a consistent but flexible daily routine. Junior and senior preschool children will spend time each day in free play and teacher facilitated activities in both large and small groups.

Drop off / Free Play

Clean Up / Wash Hands/ Morning Snack

Circle Time / Separate Small Group Activities / Art / Outdoor Play

Wash Hands / Lunch

Quiet Time / Nap

Table Top Activities / Free Play

Wash Hands / Afternoon Snack

Story Time or Free Play

Clean up / Free play outdoors

Special Activities

Shannex Visits

The preschool class visits the Parkland Shannex twice each month to spend time with their Grand-friends. Intergenerational experiences are beneficial for both the young and old. Children can develop a greater sense of empathy, a willingness to help, and an early sense of community service; while the increased socialization with young children can improve mental wellbeing for the elder participants. The kids and seniors engage in crafts, songs, and other activities.

Community Outings

The preschool class goes on various group outings each month. They make regular visits to the community public libraries as well as trips to parks and playgrounds. They travel by Metro Transit bus to reach local destinations.