Sherwood Park Preschool is Hiring -


(1 Year Term - Maternity Leave, approx. start date: July 2018)

All interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to - Only eligible candidates will be contacted for an interview.


The director is a vital position within Sherwood Park Preschool. The director is a role model, leader, and support for all early childhood staff within the facility. The director is also the key liaison between families and the staff or licensed owners. The director oversees all program delivery, staff functioning and overall operations. The director will work collaboratively with the licensed operators to ensure all Day Care Regulations and applicable standards are followed and that staff are receiving the support they need to provide quality early childhood education and maintain a positive and nurturing environment for all children at Sherwood Park Preschool.

Minimum Qualifications:

The qualifications of the director must meet or exceed those specified by the Day Care Act and Regulations.

  • Level 2 ECE Classification (Reg. 40)
  • Current First Aid and CPR Level C (Reg. 28)
  • Current Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check (Reg. 43)
  • Current Child Abuse Registry Check (Reg. 43)

**Additional training in management and administration an asset**


Overall Operations

  • Meet and consult with licensing officials to ensure that the preschool meets the licensing requirements
  • Facilitate semi-annual license inspections (one scheduled, and one unannounced)
  • Coordinate with the licensed operators to ensure all equipment, materials, and programs are in compliance with the Day Care Act, Day Care Regulations, and all applicable standards
  • Designate an appropriate staff member to act as director in their absence, in accordance with the Day Care Regulations (Reg. 35; Reg. 40)
  • Ensure all government required information is posted within the facility on the designated bulletin board
  • Ongoing open communication, through both formal and informal meetings, with assistant director and license operators about short and long term goals, updates on projects and current priorities, and daily/weekly/monthly work plans

Health and Safety

  • Ensure the facility is in compliance with fire, safety, and health regulations (includes organizing inspections for fire extinguishers, department of agriculture inspection for food license)
  • Maintain an up to date evacuation plan, rules and procedures, and carry out a drill at least once each month (Reg. 50)
  • Report any general maintenance issues to the license operators in writing (email) in a timely manner once you have become aware of them
  • Oversee the process for administering medications to a child to ensure compliance with the Day Care Regulations (Reg. 29)
  • Facilitate the process for providing care, notifying families, and preparing and maintaining summary reports for any accident, communicable disease, or other serious incident that affects the health, safety or well being of a child (Reg. 30A; Reg, 30B)

Enrolment & Client Recruitment

  • Monitor availability of child care spaces and a waiting list to maintain the maximum enrolment of children
  • Recruit new clients through advertisement of vacancies by all possible means - online postings (kijiji), websites, facebook, posting flyers throughout the community, etc.
  • Promote registration for programs in an appropriate and timely manner - i.e. school age program annual registration, summer camp programs
  • Follow up with all inquiries of interest in an efficient and timely manner in efforts to fill any vacancies and secure prospective clients
  • Interview potential clients and register children 
  • Review the facility Behaviour Guidance Policy with families at the time of a child’s enrolment (Reg. 19)
  • Provide all new families with a parent handbook (Reg. 31; Reg. 44), ensure written confirmation of family receiving the handbook is kept on the child's file
  • Ensure all registration forms are received and completed in full, and the registration fee has been paid when confirming enrolment for a family - confirmation shall be provided in writing.
  • Work with families to arrange the most appropriate plan for transition into the child care setting, within the facility transition days policy
  • Provide staff with all appropriate registration information for newly enrolled children
  • Provide licensed operators with demographic information of all new clients in writing (email) for billing and account purposes

Management of Staff, Hiring and Scheduling

  • Recruit potential staff through advertisement of vacancies for full time, part time, and/or substitute/casual positions by all possible means - online postings and job banks, kijiji, websites, facebook, NSCECE, etc.
  • Interview all potential staff and provide recommendations for hiring
  • Ensure that staff have reviewed and signed agreement to comply with the facility Behaviour Guidance Policy annually (Reg. 19)
  • Support staff in resolving and peer conflicts, as needed, and provide performance reviews for staff on an ongoing basis or as needed
  • Ensure required minimum staff/child ratios are maintained at all times (Reg. 34)
  • Schedule staff shifts according to the facility scheduling policy to ensure appropriate coverage for all operating hours, including accommodation of vacation requests by arranging for casuals / substitute teachers to maintain appropriate staff:child ratios and required rations based on staff classification levels
  • Keep staff updated on changes in policies, admissions, the Day Care Act, etc. and provide the opportunity for exchange of ideas through regular staff meetings and communications
  • Arrange and lead monthly staff meetings, in collaboration with the assistant director
  • Provide overall supervision and support for all staff

Client Accounts

  • Ensure the children’s daily attendance is being recorded accurately in the Tadpoles classroom program - for billing and licensing purposes
  • Notify families of billing account information and collect fees (or ensure staff are following the correct process for collecting fees)
  • Complete and submit subsidy reports 

Maintenance of Records

  • Ensure proper collection and maintenance of information for daily records, and individual child records, and staff files (outlined below)
  • Establish and maintain children and staff records with upmost privacy and  confidentiality


  • Organize and attend parent Advisory Committee Meetings (Reg. 47)
  • Prepare and post meeting minutes within the regulated time frame
  • Address parent complaints and concerns in an efficient and timely manner
  • Maintain ongoing and positive communication with all families, recognizing that the facility director is the primary contact and representative for Sherwood Park Preschool and that all action (or inaction) affect the organizations reputation


File for Each Child: (Reg. 31)

  • Application for enrolment
  • The date the child was admitted to the program
  • Written confirmation that the family has received the parent handbook
  • A health questionnaire including immunization status
  • Medication administration information
  • Written instructions for any special requirements for feeding, diet, rest, or exercise
  • Consent for emergency medical treatment
  • Consent to participate in off-site outings & field trips
  • Consent for school age children to walk between the school and facility
  • Any incident reports
  • The date and reason for withdrawal from the program

File for Each Staff:

  • Education Credentials
  • Classification Certificate
  • Current Criminal Record, Vulnerable Sector, and Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Current CPR & First Aid Certification
  • Certificates for any additional training (ie. Food Handlers)

Daily Records: (Reg. 32)

  • Daily record of attendance: arrival & departure times, reason for any absence
  • Daily records: daily routines, naps, eating & toiling; activities and outings; any unusual occurrence or other pertinent information
  • Record for parents of toddlers to communicate special instructions on a daily basis
  • Daily log book to record information about a child’s absence, or any special or unusual events at the facility (Reg. 33)

Government Regulated Information to be Posted within the Facility:

  • License
  • Day Care Act
  • Day Care Regulations
  • Copy of most recent facility inspection
  • Copy of behaviour guidance policy
  • copy of current menu
  • copy of daily program plan and routine
  • List of names of the current parent committee
  • copy of most recent minutes from the parent committee meeting
  • notification of any funding from the Minister

Sherwood Park Summer Camp Registration Now Open!!

Learning and Fun! All in One!!

At Sherwood Park Preschool, we offer weekly summer camps for children aged 5 to 10. The program runs from 8:30 to 4:30 each day, with early drop-offs (7:30) and late pick-ups (5:30) at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Daily meals prepared fresh on-site (2 snacks & lunch) — No need to worry about what to pack! Daily outdoor play on our spacious play yard and/or area parks, water parks and playgrounds. Crafts, Games, Activities and lots more!

Where: Sherwood Park Preschool
22 Carroll Lane (off Tremont Dr), Halifax                                                                                       

Cost:     $200 per week ($175 for the week July 2 - 6 & Aug 6 - 10)

Registration: Begins March 1st, 2018                                                                                                            Payment due in full at the time of registration.                                                                                                      All registration forms must be completed in full: (1) Registration (2) Health Questionnaire (3) Consents         

No refunds once registered. Transfers to another week will be accepted if spaces are available.

** Trips may vary and/or change based on attendance, weather, and availability

Weekly Schedule:

Week 1: (July 3rd - July 6th) Culture Week: Around the World Day, Visit to Pier 21 & the Lebanese Fest!

Week 2: (July 9th - 13th) Farms & Animals Week: SPCA, Belcher’s Marsh Duck Pond, Seaport Farmers Market!

Week 3: (July 16th - 20th) Science & Tech Week: Robots, Discovery Centre, Splash Pad & more!

Week 4: (July 23rd - July 27th) Performing Arts Week: SPP Drama Production, Buskers Fest!

Week 5: (July 30th - Aug 3rd) Sports  & Rec Week: Wave Pool, Springvale Baseball Diamonds, Emera Oval!

Week 6: (August 6th - 10th) Nature Week: Tree Planting, Commons Splash Pad, Duck Pond!

Week 7: (Aug 13th - 17th) Visual Arts Week: Paint Your Own Picasso, Art Gallery & SPP Art Show

Week 8: (Aug 20th - 24th) Oceans Week: BIO, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic!

Week 9: (Aug 27th - 31st) History Week: Province House, Museum of Natural History!


Annual Family Christmas Movie Night!

Again this year, Sherwood Park Preschool will be hosting their outdoor Christmas movie night! Come join the Ezurike Family for free hot chocolate and popcorn and a showing of a holiday classic, Home Alone!

The movie will start at 5:30 (runs 140 mins) and food bank donations will be collected.

Invite family or friends from the neighbourhood and bring your own chair and blankets to snuggle in and keep warm. The movie will play outdoors amongst the festive christmas lights.

Location: 22 Carroll Lane, at the top of the hill

There will be no parking available on Carroll Lane, so please park on Tremont Dr. if you will be driving.

Hope to see everyone there!