Sherwood Park Preschool is a family owned licensed day care facility that has been in the Rockingham community of Halifax for over 35 years. During that time it has maintained a home-like learning and caring environment for children of various ages.

Sherwood Park Preschool currently offers a full day program for children aged 18 months to 5 years. Care is provided on a full time or part time basis, with limited part time spaces available. Our license capacity is 32 children per day; we have a mixed age class for toddlers and younger preschoolers; and a preschool class for children preparing for formal school environments.


To provide quality early childhood education in a nurturing and caring environment.


Children need the freedom to take risks within an inclusive structure that encourages self expression and embraces diversity. Play-based learning encourages children to become problem solvers, innovators, adventurers, and leaders by empowering them with self confidence, a capacity for self help, and the skills to interact positively with their peers, environment, and community.


LEARNING - with teachers as facilitators

PLAY - the work of the young

RISK TAKING - building confidence to try new things and be innovative

EMPOWERMENT - bringing out the potential within every child - self help, self confidence, self direction, self regulation

DIVERSITY - celebrating our differences

INCLUSION - enhancing the learning environment for all abilities

COMMUNITY - developing responsive, responsible and engaged citizens


At Sherwood Park Preschool our beliefs and values influence the key content of the curriculum we deliver and the philosophy of teaching we use to facilitate the children’s learning. We have adopted an emergent philosophy of learning which focuses on being responsive to the children’s interests to create meaningful learning experiences. It involves play-based learning with the teacher taking on the role of facilitator; involving careful observations of the children and their play in order to align learning opportunities with their interests. Though the curriculum is constantly changing and growing, it is influenced by our community, family, cultural and academic values around age appropriate learning and developmental expectations.